Giant Robots, Superheroes, and Dragons! Oh my!

Did you miss me minions? I was busy gathering intel to bring to you. The summer is definitely a time to take a break from the sun and sit in a relaxing theater basking in the smell of buttery popcorn and staining your teeth with blue slushie. (Blue is a flavor okay!) The number of movies I’ve seen this summer so far is too many to count, but here are just a few I’ve decided topped the rest.

Transformers: Age of Extinction brought back a few of your favorites and definitely some new faces. With new leads, it definitely makes the story fresh though I wished we could have found out what happened to Sam after the last movie. Honestly, I think I preferred the first three movies to this one. Yes, the fire-breathing t-rex transformer was kickass, but they needed more of him to make me want to go see it again in theaters. It was still pretty good, but there was just too much new stuff for me. I preferred seeing old faces mixed in with old faces not a whole brand new cast. Oh well! I saw it and loved it and I may have fan-girled a bit. (The preview of Mockingjay Part One beforehand was detrimental to my health) So yes, you should see this if you’re a die-hard fan of the series. If not, I would probably just wait until it comes out because you’re not really missing much.

Oh superhero movies. There have already been sooo many this year and it’s only half over. I’ve been to see them all, and I have to say they were all amazing. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 left me with my jaw dropped by the end and almost in tears. X-men: DOFP (Days of Future Past for those goonies out there that don’t know abbreviations) left me gripping my seat wondering what was going to happen next. It was like every one of them was trying to top the next. I just can’t pick which of them I loved more. If you got a chance to see any of them in theaters, I hope you enjoyed them. If you didn’t get a chance, you should be clicking on Amazon and pre-ordering because wow. Even if X-men did leave me with some questions, I still really enjoyed it the most because I felt more connected with it having always enjoy X-men since I was a wee lass watching cartoons on Saturday morning. Either way, DON’T FORGET TO STAY AFTER THE CREDITS!

Finally, I decided to end this blog on a family oriented movie. Now, How To Train Your Dragon came out some time ago, and I fell in love with because how could you not when Toothless tugged at your heartstrings every time you watched it. When I heard that they were coming out with a second, well, I may have freaked a little and flailed my arms. I felt like a little kid when I sat in the chair staring up at the screen. Since seeing the movie, I’ve come to two conclusions. One: The people that made the movie were fans of cats because the dragons all act very cat-like. (I know from experience as I have one that I’ve nicknamed Toothless) Two: Dragons would make awesome pets. Plus, you learn life lessons about accepting responsibility and still being able to be who you are. It’s all great. The animation was amazing and all the dragons were simply stunning. All in all, it is a must see. Just a warning though…you might die from the cuteness.

That’s all I’ve got this month my minions. I’ll return next month where I will be discussing Guardians of the Galaxy (TALKING RACCOON) and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It’ll be lots of fun so tell your friends! Until then, I will be trying to phase through a wall Shadowcat style.



Don’t Make a Hobbit of it!

OMG! I’m here once again. I’ve decided to pay more attention to my beloved minions that love me so much! Why the sudden posting spree? Because I missed all the attention that I get from you guys…JUST KIDDING. No, there just hasn’t been much to write about and now here are two things in one week! First Oz and now we’re going back even further in time with the release of The Hobbit. Now, I saw this when it first came out in theaters, but I figured I would put out a little blurb that would convince the people that haven’t watched it to give it a chance.(WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? LIVING UNDER A ROCK)

Now, some people will say that The Hobbit isn’t anything like the Lord of the Rings. They would be correct. Sure, they have epic battle scenes and the same sword wielding and shiz, but all in all it’s a lot like the book. A comical sense of adventure from start to end. I know it had me laughing until I had tears in my eyes. Now, some might not understand the humor or whatever, but it’s there believe this nerdist. She knows her stuff.

Without giving up spoilers, I can’t really say much about the movie. I mean everyone pretty much knows the story if you haven’t been living under a rock.  Bilbo Baggins an adorable Hobbit played by Martin Freeman, who I think embodied the character perfectly and made him believable, is joined by a hysterical cast of dwarves that kept me laughing through the feature. From the beginning to the end, this cast will have you believing in the quest they’re going on and hoping for their safety even as danger is lurking around the corner.I have to say my favorite part of the entire feature though is the meeting of Gollum and Bilbo. A sharing of riddles kept you on your toes and entertained. I know I felt horrible for the little creature.

I won’t tell you the end of the entire story, but you should know that I have the new movie marked on my calendar. I sure will be standing in line waiting to get in for the best seats in the house. How could you not when the movie is sure to be amazing? Peter Jackson does not disappoint as he didn’t with the Rings. I can feel good things coming from this series and it just sucks that I have to wait for over six months for the next movie. Oh well, it’ll be worth it when I finally get to watch it. Until the next time, my minions, I shall be watching my 3D  copy of The Hobbit along with my director’s cut of LOTR trilogy…should keep me occupied for a bit.

In the land of Oz

Hello my dear minions! I have returned from hibernation to bring forth news of the wondrous movie that I have had the privilege of viewing. From the title, I’m guessing that all you clever readers out there have already figured out that I’m talking about Oz The Great and Powerful. Just from hearing about the movie, I had gotten a mix of reviews some good and some bad. I’m one of those people that has to see a movie for myself and judge it whether I like it or not. This happened to be one of those movies plus I am a fan of anything Oz(Wicked, Wizard of Oz, Bubbles). Now that I’ve actually watched it for myself this is what I thought.

From the moment it started, I was captivated. It brought back memories of sitting in my living room as a kid and watching Wizard of Oz. The black and white beginning really just brought me into the world of Oz once more. The characters were compelling even from the beginning and you really wanted Oz to reach the greatness that he had wanted for himself. Just as Dorothy had reached the land of Oz so did the Wizard and that’s really where my worries were.

Sooo, I will admit the colors were too vivid or out there, and I was really starting to fear that it was going to be way over the top Disney cheese. There was no cheese to be expected here though. The colors, the music, the characters, and even the story really came together to make a brilliant piece of work. The effects could be seen through a couple of times, but really I wasn’t too worried about that. The creatures and people they brought to life through the effects were believable and I really felt for them. Especially the little China Girl. She had to be my favorite of the story.

In the end, I had the story figured out by the introduction of a certain witch(not gonna name any names but she goes by wicked and ends in witch and is a bright green color), but that still wouldn’t deter me from giving this movie a solid “GO SEE IT NOW”. Don’t let the cheesy beginning effects ruin it for you. Stick around and let the message of the story move through you and I guarantee that by the end you will leave the theater feeling extremely good. I know I did, and I don’t think there’s been a movie out there that accomplished that until now.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now. If you get the chance to see Oz, I would definitely take it. Until next time, minions,  I’m gonna go see if I can really float in bubbles like Glinda.

The Wonders of the Grammys!

My dear little minions, I’ve recently been in a tryptophan coma due to the massive amounts of turkey that I consumed during Turkey Day here in the states. The only thing that woke me from this deep sleep was the amazing Grammy nominations. These little noms were a brilliant light in my dim winter, and I would just like to take a moment to look back on these and thank the board for making some of the best choices I’ve seen in a while.

I have to say I was actually pleased to see that Justin Bieber was snubbed by the nominations this year. Now, I know all of the teeny-bopper fans right now are totally clicking the red X in the corner of the screen but just hear me out on this. Why would anyone want to nominate a boy that one of his big hits of the year was “Boyfriend”? I looked up the lyrics and it’s mainly the annoying repetitive line of “If I was your boyfriend” then goes on to say a bunch of lines that just made me want to smack my head against the wall repeatedly. Besides, shouldn’t it say “If I was your girlfriend” because let’s be honest he looks like he could pass for a twelve year old girl. Anyway, I think he should quit the music business for a while learn how to write actual lyrics that flow and have rhythm then come back to the music scene once he’s matured.

Now, onto the good news.The noms that I was most excited to see were actually some of my favorite artists.

fun. has been on my radar since I listened to “We Are Young” forever ago on the radio. This is one song I will admit that every time it comes on the radio in the car or anywhere I stop what I’m doing crank it up and sing along. I mean you can’t help but do it with the catchy lyrics along with the lead singer’s amazing voice. This was one CD I bought on an impulse, and it’s also one that I’ll never regret buying. Every song speaks to me in a different way. It’s great and one you should definitely check out.

Then there was the Florence & the Machine nominee that made me want to jump up and down. I mean have you heard her voice. Their haunting melodies stay with me long after I listen to their songs and it’s just a really awesome CD.

Among the other nominees were Gotye(which let’s admit anyone that can appear in a music video practically naked and get painted during said video deserves a nominee) and then there’s P!nk who has helped me through the worst times and the best times. Her songs contrast between the pop norm and a soulfulness that you know is coming from the heart. Finally, the Black Keys…what can be said about this duo that hasn’t been said before. I actually had a chance to see these guys live…man, they were amazing. Just to hear they got nominated was mmm, music to my ears.

These are just a few that I feel the need to congratulate on their noms. I can’t wait for the Grammys in February and look forward to rooting for my favorites to win. For now, I’m going to go try and get on Santa’s naughty list until next time minions!

Comeback of the ’90s

Minions! Fall is upon us and with that I have noticed that not just one band from my childhood but multiple have come out with new CDs. I’m wracked with nostalgia and have now decided to write about my beloved bands. Soo, sit back, relax, and enjoy the soothing sounds of fall brought to you by yours truly.

First off, when I had heard No Doubt was getting back together all I could think was “YES!” No more Gwen Stefani teaching us how to spell banana. The band’s new song “Settle Down” it’s reminscent to that of their last CD together which was somewhat disappointing. Don’t get me wrong I love the way Gwen can be poppy and still kickass, but I was hoping for just a bit of the old sound  like “Don’t Speak” and the like. Those songs really talked to me when I was down in the dumps. Now, I haven’t really had a chance to listen to the whole CD yet, but I’ve heard amazing things and I don’t think you’ll be disappointing if you give it a listen. That’s just the opinion of a hopeless music addict though.

NOW! Green Day has been putting out music for over a decade, and I find myself always listening to them on repeat. There’s just something about Billie Joe that just can’t get enough of. From their classics to their newest line of new releases I just…it gives me shivers in places I never knew I could get shivers. I did get a chance to listen to the whole CD and boy, I was not let down by it. Every song had me hooked immediately. This chick was jamming  like there was no tomorrow. This is a definite pick-up. Like, hit your local retail and buy immediately.

Even Blink 182 had a release this year. So, the ’90s are back and the ’80s is the fashion. Let’s just hope we don’t go even further back in time. I don’t think I could deal with poodle skirts and pom-poms…they’re not a good look for this punker. Now, instead of sitting here reading this extremely boring blog with no sound, you should be hitting the webs and getting your rock on. Farewell for now my minions!

Can You Feel the Hunger?

Alright, sooo I’m one of those people that enjoyed reading about young adults pitted against each other to the death. I mean who wouldn’t want to see children slaughtering each other. Well, okay sooo some people probably wouldn’t want to, but that’s not the point. My point for this is to show you how the movie added up to the amazing book by the name of Hunger Games. I know minions you’re probably saying to yourself, “I’ve read one review that means I’ve read them all.” Well, you haven’t read mine which mean s you’re in for a delightful treat!…At least, I believe it’s a delightful treat covered in sugar and chocolate syrup!

We begin the story of Hunger Games with a girl named Katniss Everdeen. Personally, I don’t understand who would name their child after a plant, but I guess that’s the norm in a world ravaged by starvation and isolation in things called Districts. All in all it’s a downright downer and made me think “what’s the point” while reading it. The beginning’s pretty boring and it was a struggle to get through it. This girl can usually devour books, but it was difficult with Collins writing style and the simplicity of it. Throughout the gore and the grim setting as the “games” get underway, it makes me squeamish and hard to discuss through means of writing it. It’s like reliving the most horrible moments of wars passed in your high school history class. All in all the games had me on the edge of the seat and I finished the book within a couple of days. Personally, this is one I would say watch the movie before reading the book. The book just can’t compare to the awesomeness of Jennifer Lawrence and Donald Sutherland.

Now, the movie showed things that the book hadn’t ever dreamed of showing. There was action that was creeptastic giving me goosebumps. Sure, Donald Sutherland doesn’t seem like he could play a villain looking similar to a nice grandpa that would give you chocolate, but I feel he portrayed the President of the Capital with eerie grace. The relationships seemed more real and the actors of Peeta(Katniss’s boytoy)and Katniss seemed to really grasp the meaning of awkward romance while fighting to survive in the wilderness with kids dying all around them. My one beef with the movie was the fact that the mutts(crazy genetically enhanced monsters) weren’t really horrific like I had expected them to be. Yes, they jumped in my face while watching and scared the bejeebus out of everyone in the theater, but honestly, I was more afraid of them in the book than in the movie. Even the hallucinator hornets were a bit boring though the movie made it LSD-happy. In the end, the movie was delicious and I ate every morsel of it happily. Hell, I saw it in theaters twice. Even if you hated the books horribly, you should give this a watch.

So, here’s a taste of the hunger that is Hunger Games. I hope you got a spoonful of this cake and enjoyed it as I have. Now, I’m going to go fight my brother so I don’t starve until next time my devoted minions!

Sparkling Virgins vs. Hot Sexpires

It seems recently every woman’s dream is finding the right vampire for her. Ha! Okay, so this is a bit much seeing as vampires don’t exist(that I know of…if you know one, send him my way), but I just thought I would get in on the craze and have it out of the way before it makes my mind explode. Yes, I’ve been a huge fan of all vampire series since I was young nerdling, but really…one that hasn’t been a member of the craze may ask “What’s the big deal?” Well, I’m here to help answer that question. At least, I hope I can with my knowledge of things vampiric.

On one hand, you have the brooding male vampire that sparkles in the sun. Let’s just call him -cough-Edward-cough-, he’s every girl’s knight in shining armor ready to protect her from ne’er do wells and the like. Instead of a screaming fangirl, he chooses a “homely” girl by the name of Bella. She seems to be the most insecure human being that has ever existed. Being completely honest, I just don’t see why when the hottest thing since sliced bread chose her to be the “love of his existence.”  Throughout the entire series, Bella and Edward’s shenanigans have girls everywhere squeeing and hoping for the same romantic story in their lives. Even middle-aged women have come to like the amazingly gag-worthy cuteness that is The Twilight Series. Fortunately, the series is coming to an end and most of non-fans won’t have much to catch up. Yes, Edward is lame for sparkling and yet there’s something endearing about the way he watches Bella slumber as she dreams of creepy real vampire Edward that actually has fangs, which the vampires in Twilight don’t have I might like to add. Twilight has nothing on fairy tales but still has a ridiculously happily ever after. This literary connoisseur enjoyed it more than she liked to admit, but I think everyone should give it at least a once over especially if you think the movies are crap .

Now on the other hand, we have vampires well more like sexpires…since it seems all they really care about are drinking blood and having sex with innocent mind-reading faeries. Yes, the vampires of True Blood seem to have taken over the minds of the older generation with their seductive attitudes and the smoldering look in their eyes. These sexpires have panties dropping with boyfriends just shaking their heads. These vamps do have fangs and though they may be brooding they certainly do know how to treat a girl right. Which what girl wouldn’t want the affections of all the vamps in Louisiana? Bill Compton and Eric Northman both are the epitome of this sexpire. They both seduce Sookie Stackhouse(resident mind-reading cutie) like it’s nothing and fight for her attention. Blood, sex, and violence seems to be the main storyline for this loving series, but this nerdist definitely enjoyed the television series even though she just started reading the books. So far, I believe that it’s a good adaptation though I will hold my judgment on that later.

So, what’s the big deal you might be saying? All you’ve given me are a sparkling virgin and a few sexpires that enjoy pleasuring a young woman. This was more of a guide to finding your way through the vampire books out nowadays. If you prefer the blood and sex, most definitely pick up the True Blood television series. But if you’re a teenage girl that loves romantic love story and a happy ending, you should pick Twilight up…the book series not the movies because the movies were horrible compared to their literary companions. Sooo, pick a vamp, any vamp and let him fulfill your wildest dreams that you know couldn’t possibly happen in real life. I’m about to get lost in that world until next time my devoted minions.