Don’t Make a Hobbit of it!

OMG! I’m here once again. I’ve decided to pay more attention to my beloved minions that love me so much! Why the sudden posting spree? Because I missed all the attention that I get from you guys…JUST KIDDING. No, there just hasn’t been much to write about and now here are two things in one week! First Oz and now we’re going back even further in time with the release of The Hobbit. Now, I saw this when it first came out in theaters, but I figured I would put out a little blurb that would convince the people that haven’t watched it to give it a chance.(WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? LIVING UNDER A ROCK)

Now, some people will say that The Hobbit isn’t anything like the Lord of the Rings. They would be correct. Sure, they have epic battle scenes and the same sword wielding and shiz, but all in all it’s a lot like the book. A comical sense of adventure from start to end. I know it had me laughing until I had tears in my eyes. Now, some might not understand the humor or whatever, but it’s there believe this nerdist. She knows her stuff.

Without giving up spoilers, I can’t really say much about the movie. I mean everyone pretty much knows the story if you haven’t been living under a rock.  Bilbo Baggins an adorable Hobbit played by Martin Freeman, who I think embodied the character perfectly and made him believable, is joined by a hysterical cast of dwarves that kept me laughing through the feature. From the beginning to the end, this cast will have you believing in the quest they’re going on and hoping for their safety even as danger is lurking around the corner.I have to say my favorite part of the entire feature though is the meeting of Gollum and Bilbo. A sharing of riddles kept you on your toes and entertained. I know I felt horrible for the little creature.

I won’t tell you the end of the entire story, but you should know that I have the new movie marked on my calendar. I sure will be standing in line waiting to get in for the best seats in the house. How could you not when the movie is sure to be amazing? Peter Jackson does not disappoint as he didn’t with the Rings. I can feel good things coming from this series and it just sucks that I have to wait for over six months for the next movie. Oh well, it’ll be worth it when I finally get to watch it. Until the next time, my minions, I shall be watching my 3D  copy of The Hobbit along with my director’s cut of LOTR trilogy…should keep me occupied for a bit.


In the land of Oz

Hello my dear minions! I have returned from hibernation to bring forth news of the wondrous movie that I have had the privilege of viewing. From the title, I’m guessing that all you clever readers out there have already figured out that I’m talking about Oz The Great and Powerful. Just from hearing about the movie, I had gotten a mix of reviews some good and some bad. I’m one of those people that has to see a movie for myself and judge it whether I like it or not. This happened to be one of those movies plus I am a fan of anything Oz(Wicked, Wizard of Oz, Bubbles). Now that I’ve actually watched it for myself this is what I thought.

From the moment it started, I was captivated. It brought back memories of sitting in my living room as a kid and watching Wizard of Oz. The black and white beginning really just brought me into the world of Oz once more. The characters were compelling even from the beginning and you really wanted Oz to reach the greatness that he had wanted for himself. Just as Dorothy had reached the land of Oz so did the Wizard and that’s really where my worries were.

Sooo, I will admit the colors were too vivid or out there, and I was really starting to fear that it was going to be way over the top Disney cheese. There was no cheese to be expected here though. The colors, the music, the characters, and even the story really came together to make a brilliant piece of work. The effects could be seen through a couple of times, but really I wasn’t too worried about that. The creatures and people they brought to life through the effects were believable and I really felt for them. Especially the little China Girl. She had to be my favorite of the story.

In the end, I had the story figured out by the introduction of a certain witch(not gonna name any names but she goes by wicked and ends in witch and is a bright green color), but that still wouldn’t deter me from giving this movie a solid “GO SEE IT NOW”. Don’t let the cheesy beginning effects ruin it for you. Stick around and let the message of the story move through you and I guarantee that by the end you will leave the theater feeling extremely good. I know I did, and I don’t think there’s been a movie out there that accomplished that until now.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now. If you get the chance to see Oz, I would definitely take it. Until next time, minions,  I’m gonna go see if I can really float in bubbles like Glinda.