Giant Robots, Superheroes, and Dragons! Oh my!

Did you miss me minions? I was busy gathering intel to bring to you. The summer is definitely a time to take a break from the sun and sit in a relaxing theater basking in the smell of buttery popcorn and staining your teeth with blue slushie. (Blue is a flavor okay!)┬áThe number of movies I’ve seen this summer so far is too many to count, but here are just a few I’ve decided topped the rest.

Transformers: Age of Extinction brought back a few of your favorites and definitely some new faces. With new leads, it definitely makes the story fresh though I wished we could have found out what happened to Sam after the last movie. Honestly, I think I preferred the first three movies to this one. Yes, the fire-breathing t-rex transformer was kickass, but they needed more of him to make me want to go see it again in theaters. It was still pretty good, but there was just too much new stuff for me. I preferred seeing old faces mixed in with old faces not a whole brand new cast. Oh well! I saw it and loved it and I may have fan-girled a bit. (The preview of Mockingjay Part One beforehand was detrimental to my health) So yes, you should see this if you’re a die-hard fan of the series. If not, I would probably just wait until it comes out because you’re not really missing much.

Oh superhero movies. There have already been sooo many this year and it’s only half over. I’ve been to see them all, and I have to say they were all amazing. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 left me with my jaw dropped by the end and almost in tears. X-men: DOFP (Days of Future Past for those goonies out there that don’t know abbreviations) left me gripping my seat wondering what was going to happen next. It was like every one of them was trying to top the next. I just can’t pick which of them I loved more. If you got a chance to see any of them in theaters, I hope you enjoyed them. If you didn’t get a chance, you should be clicking on Amazon and pre-ordering because wow. Even if X-men did leave me with some questions, I still really enjoyed it the most because I felt more connected with it having always enjoy X-men since I was a wee lass watching cartoons on Saturday morning. Either way, DON’T FORGET TO STAY AFTER THE CREDITS!

Finally, I decided to end this blog on a family oriented movie. Now, How To Train Your Dragon came out some time ago, and I fell in love with because how could you not when Toothless tugged at your heartstrings every time you watched it. When I heard that they were coming out with a second, well, I may have freaked a little and flailed my arms. I felt like a little kid when I sat in the chair staring up at the screen. Since seeing the movie, I’ve come to two conclusions. One: The people that made the movie were fans of cats because the dragons all act very cat-like. (I know from experience as I have one that I’ve nicknamed Toothless) Two: Dragons would make awesome pets. Plus, you learn life lessons about accepting responsibility and still being able to be who you are. It’s all great. The animation was amazing and all the dragons were simply stunning. All in all, it is a must see. Just a warning though…you might die from the cuteness.

That’s all I’ve got this month my minions. I’ll return next month where I will be discussing Guardians of the Galaxy (TALKING RACCOON) and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It’ll be lots of fun so tell your friends! Until then, I will be trying to phase through a wall Shadowcat style.