The Wonders of the Grammys!

My dear little minions, I’ve recently been in a tryptophan coma due to the massive amounts of turkey that I consumed during Turkey Day here in the states. The only thing that woke me from this deep sleep was the amazing Grammy nominations. These little noms were a brilliant light in my dim winter, and I would just like to take a moment to look back on these and thank the board for making some of the best choices I’ve seen in a while.

I have to say I was actually pleased to see that Justin Bieber was snubbed by the nominations this year. Now, I know all of the teeny-bopper fans right now are totally clicking the red X in the corner of the screen but just hear me out on this. Why would anyone want to nominate a boy that one of his big hits of the year was “Boyfriend”? I looked up the lyrics and it’s mainly the annoying repetitive line of “If I was your boyfriend” then goes on to say a bunch of lines that just made me want to smack my head against the wall repeatedly. Besides, shouldn’t it say “If I was your girlfriend” because let’s be honest he looks like he could pass for a twelve year old girl. Anyway, I think he should quit the music business for a while learn how to write actual lyrics that flow and have rhythm then come back to the music scene once he’s matured.

Now, onto the good news.The noms that I was most excited to see were actually some of my favorite artists.

fun. has been on my radar since I listened to “We Are Young” forever ago on the radio. This is one song I will admit that every time it comes on the radio in the car or anywhere I stop what I’m doing crank it up and sing along. I mean you can’t help but do it with the catchy lyrics along with the lead singer’s amazing voice. This was one CD I bought on an impulse, and it’s also one that I’ll never regret buying. Every song speaks to me in a different way. It’s great and one you should definitely check out.

Then there was the Florence & the Machine nominee that made me want to jump up and down. I mean have you heard her voice. Their haunting melodies stay with me long after I listen to their songs and it’s just a really awesome CD.

Among the other nominees were Gotye(which let’s admit anyone that can appear in a music video practically naked and get painted during said video deserves a nominee) and then there’s P!nk who has helped me through the worst times and the best times. Her songs contrast between the pop norm and a soulfulness that you know is coming from the heart. Finally, the Black Keys…what can be said about this duo that hasn’t been said before. I actually had a chance to see these guys live…man, they were amazing. Just to hear they got nominated was mmm, music to my ears.

These are just a few that I feel the need to congratulate on their noms. I can’t wait for the Grammys in February and look forward to rooting for my favorites to win. For now, I’m going to go try and get on Santa’s naughty list until next time minions!


Comeback of the ’90s

Minions! Fall is upon us and with that I have noticed that not just one band from my childhood but multiple have come out with new CDs. I’m wracked with nostalgia and have now decided to write about my beloved bands. Soo, sit back, relax, and enjoy the soothing sounds of fall brought to you by yours truly.

First off, when I had heard No Doubt was getting back together all I could think was “YES!” No more Gwen Stefani teaching us how to spell banana. The band’s new song “Settle Down” it’s reminscent to that of their last CD together which was somewhat disappointing. Don’t get me wrong I love the way Gwen can be poppy and still kickass, but I was hoping for just a bit of the old sound  like “Don’t Speak” and the like. Those songs really talked to me when I was down in the dumps. Now, I haven’t really had a chance to listen to the whole CD yet, but I’ve heard amazing things and I don’t think you’ll be disappointing if you give it a listen. That’s just the opinion of a hopeless music addict though.

NOW! Green Day has been putting out music for over a decade, and I find myself always listening to them on repeat. There’s just something about Billie Joe that just can’t get enough of. From their classics to their newest line of new releases I just…it gives me shivers in places I never knew I could get shivers. I did get a chance to listen to the whole CD and boy, I was not let down by it. Every song had me hooked immediately. This chick was jamming  like there was no tomorrow. This is a definite pick-up. Like, hit your local retail and buy immediately.

Even Blink 182 had a release this year. So, the ’90s are back and the ’80s is the fashion. Let’s just hope we don’t go even further back in time. I don’t think I could deal with poodle skirts and pom-poms…they’re not a good look for this punker. Now, instead of sitting here reading this extremely boring blog with no sound, you should be hitting the webs and getting your rock on. Farewell for now my minions!